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Chino Valley Farm

Farmer for a day

Thinking about going into farming or wondering what farm life is like? Want to trade farm work for fresh food? We welcome volunteers, interns and others who are interested in learning more about farming, or those who just want to get their hands dirty in exchange for taking home some freshly picked produce, fruit, eggs or other farm products. Contact us to discuss your goals and we’ll try to help you achieve them.

Education for kids

In our modern life, kids often have no idea where their food comes from or how it grows. We can arrange class tours and other educational opportunities specifically designed for kids. Contact us for more information.

Internships and longer-term stays

We are part of WWOOF-USA and growfood.org, two organizations that match workers with farms. We prefer a minimum stay of three weeks so that the worker gets the most out of the farm. Paid internships are available for those wishing to live and work on the farm for a full season. Contact us, or click on the links below to register or obtain more information.

wwoof.org, wwoofusa.org or growfood.org

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