Welcome to the farm—thanks for visiting our site. We encourage you to spend time here learning about our crops, growing methods, kitchen activities and other elements of Chino Valley Farm. Please stop back for the latest news and events, to ask us a question or schedule a tour. There’s always something happening at the farm!

News From the Farm

Baby boy born on farm

Spring of 2011 gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

50-Mile Dinner

The 50-Mile dinner was an event to showcase local foods.  Everything served that evening was grown or produced within 50 miles.

Farm goes Solar

Our vegetable farm uses quite a bit of electricity in the process of growing food products.  Cooling fans, grow lights and water pumps all contribute to the power bill.  This year, we have completed installation of a 28kilowatt system which will hopefully bring our average monthly bills down to about $10 (mostly taxes).  One big renewable resource in the Arizona desert is the sun.